Present for a Meaningful Life!

Join the Journey...

We created the Mindful Life Network™ for you. What’s happening here is exciting. It encompasses connection and learning through community, courses, and culture as we discover the benefits of integrating the skills of mindfulness into our daily lives.   

Supporting each person to learn to live a more meaningful life nurtures a mindful culture. Simply put, a mindful culture improves the world. 

The Mindful Life Network™ is the caring arms around our many offerings and the umbrella for many ways of learning, engaging and meeting others. The Mindful Life Network™  and all its offerings are created and hosted by the Mindful Life Program™. We invite you to explore the many opportunities. 

"Mindfulness is much more than present moment awareness; mindfulness includes and facilitates the cultivation of concentration, wisdom, and the ability to make healthy choices that foster genuine happiness and a meaningful life."

— Co-founder John Bruna

Just a few of our many members during a retreat.

What You'll Find...

  • Mindfulness skills, exercises, and inspiration
  • Our premium communities - Mindful Life Community™ and Mindfulness in Recovery® Community
  • Mindfulness and meditation courses
  • Meetings hosted by both our communities
  • Library of guided meditations
  • Mindfulness resources including books, journals, and more
  • Monthly Mindful Living Skills webinars
  • Practice Circles
  • Professional resources
  • And more...

What you’ll experience...

  • Exclusive content and conversations that inspire and support you to learn and sustain a mindful life
  • Connection in meaningful ways in a safe space with others who share your desire for more well-being and meaning in life and in relationships
  • Learning how to make healthier and wiser decisions in alignment with your values
  • The chance with others about your personal practice of living mindfully bringing your experiences, challenges, or insights to light
  • Inspiration, expert guidance, and thought-provoking conversations each and every day


Now more than ever is the time for developing our inner resources and engaging together.

We focus on four keys to living a mindful life....

Our Vision and Intention

In our Network and our mindfulness communities, we bring together people, just like you, who are seeking to increase meaning and well-being. We aspire to help you to learn to be more present and to be able to make more intentional and healthy choices in your life. The Mindful Life Network™ serves to support you to live a life in alignment with your values, with more resilience, inner peace, and well-being. As you improve your life, through your interactions with others, it will ultimately improve the world

Bringing universal skills to empower you to transform your life with attention and intention

Our Approach to Living Mindfully

  • Practical –  Skills that can be integrated into daily life right away.
  • Accessible – All of our programs and courses use language and examples that are useful and understandable. We also are dedicated to offering free resources and making our programs as financially accessible as possible.
  • Universal – These universal teachings can benefit everyone, regardless of culture, religion, spiritual path, or economic status. Our programs and courses empower the participants to live mindfully with attention and intention in alignment with their own value system.

What Members Say

"This is a support system that I can connect with each day that helps me focus my intentions and clarifies my values." - Elissa

“This program is singularly the most practical, secular, useful presentation of essential values, morals, and ethics I have run into in 45 years.” – Pam

"Simple effective tools that I can use right here right now to make my life better & the world better.” – Mary

About the Founders

We are the founders of the Mindful Life Program™, host of the Mindful Life Network™. Our three lives came together in 2013, a former Buddhist monk from California, a social worker and therapist from Australia and a sustainability leader from Colorado. Our common link, besides instant friendship and years of mindfulness practice, was seeing the need for practical, accessible and universal approaches to learning to reduce stress and live with increased well-being and meaning. Shortly after creating the Mindful Life Program in 2014, the role of connection and community to sustain real change was clear. The Mindful Life Community™ and later the Mindfulness in Recovery® Community began supporting people on a daily basis to transform their lives through developing the skills to live with attention and intention. The three of us, John Bruna, Mark Molony and Laura Bartels, have since helped thousands of people from around the world in courses, trainings, retreats, and community with the mission to ultimately improve the world by improving themselves and their interactions with others. Mark lives in Melbourne, Australia, while Laura and John, now married, live in Carbondale, Colorado. We’ve created the Mindful Life Network™ to bring together all our community members in one supportive, engaging place, to help you and others to develop the skills and wisdom to be the person you want to be in the world. Together with people like you, we believe, we can transform the world.

Become a Member

Membership in the Mindful Life Network™ is free and open to anyone with a desire to live more mindfully.

Upgrade to one of our Communities to take the next step toward a meaningful transformation and get the full benefits of membership. Every membership begins with a free week trial. Give yourself the gift of a more mindful life. 

Once a member of the Network, you can choose to take one of the courses we offer. We have self-paced mindfulness and meditation courses and courses taught by our certified teachers and facilitators. 

Each membership allows access on the web as well as the app. Connect easily via computer, tablet, or smartphone, and start engaging today. 

With Gratitude

We’re deeply grateful for each of you who join this journey, as we know that, together, we can change the world, by improving ourselves. As this movement grows, and we each wake to the opportunity a new day brings, imagine each of us bringing attention and intention, our values, and open heart to make the world a better place.


We have a limited number of scholarships for those experiencing financial hardships due to Covid-19 or other circumstances. Please email your request for consideration. (Please give us one to two days to respond.)

Gift Subscriptions

We are happy to help you gift a subscription or course enrollment to a loved one. Please email us for details. (Please give us one to two days to manually set up a membership or course enrollment.)

You can learn more about the Mindful Life Program™  at Our programs include the Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute at

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